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FES graduate student, Danielle Marias, using a Licor to measure photosynthesis in Pinus ponderosa seedlings. Photo credit: Kelly Kerr

Burke Greer with his slingshot and trusty volunteer after a day of coring trees and sampling aspen from the canopy.  Photo credit: Charles Stanzione.

Jonathon Valente (front) quantifying vertical foliage density at a bird point count station in southern Indiana, while Joshua Suich (back) records the measurements.


Kelly Kerr, a graduate student in FES, using a pressure bomb to measure water potential in conifer seedlings. Photo credit: Danielle Marias.

Evan Jackson is banding a Green Hermit hummingbird in Costa Rica for his thesis. Photo Credit: Evan Jackson. 

2013 New student orientation attendees, photo taken at the HJ Andrews.

Peavy Hall in the snowy Winter. Photo credit Lacey Jeroue

Jonathon Valente looking for a bird to point out to his field technicians as part of a training exercise aimed at helping technicians sharpen their local (southern Indiana) bird identification skills.

Pablo Romero is MS student in FERM. In this photo he is measuring thinning trial plots established 60 years ago in the Black Rock forest, Falls City, Oregon.

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, Colorado.  Photo courtesy of Burke Greer

Mindy Crandall is a PhD candidate in Applied Economics in the FERM department. Her research is focused on the effects of forest products markets on rural communities and modeling the use of emerging forest products as rural development tools. She is a native of Otis, Oregon.

CoF Grads go white water river rafting near Levenworth Washington. From left: MIke Shettles, Krishna Poudel, Joonghong Shin and Lacey Jeroue.

Pyromaniacs Club tour at Pole Creek fire. Front row from left to right: Kevin Briggs, John Bailey, Garret Meigs. Back row: Nicole Lopane, Margaret Hamilton, Meagan Nuss, Amanda Stamper, Emily Platt, Kevin Vogler. Photo Credit: Garret Meigs.

Kevin Vogler and John Bailey completing ignition of research plot on Macdonald Dunn Forest. Photo Credit: Taylor Fjeran.

Epic Cake presented and consumed at the 2014 CoF Graduate Winter Social!

Special thanks to the 2014 COF Graduate Winter Social Organizing Committee!

CoF graduate student, Elsa Gustavson, climbing at Smith Rock in central Oregon. Photo credit: Kelly Kerr

Evan Jackson conducting field work on Lookout Mountain in the HJ Andrews Forest. Evan is looking East at Three Sisters Wilderness. Photo credit: Evan Jackson.

Students from the BIometrics Lab attend the Western Forest Mensurationist's Meeting in Levenworth, WA. From left: Lacey Jeroue, Kate Marcille, Pablo Romero, Kristen Coons, Nate Osborne, Nicole Rogers & Junhui Zhao. 

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